Springfield MO dentist Dr. Corbin Hayter is proud to offer Invisalign®, an orthodontic treatment system that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually correct malocclusions – bad bite – such as overbite, overjet, and crossbite, as well as to alleviate tooth crowding and close unwanted gaps between teeth.

Beginning Treatment

The process begins by taking impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are sent to the Invisalign® lab where aligners are custom-made to address your unique orthodontic needs. You will see Dr. Corbin Hayter about every six weeks for a checkup. You will receive a series of aligners at each appointment, and you will wear each aligner for about two weeks before graduating up to the next in the series. Over time, you will see the progress as your teeth begin to move into their ideal positions.

Easy Wear and Care

Patients like Invisalign® because the aligners are virtually unnoticeable when worn, and unlike conventional metal or ceramic braces, the aligners can be removed when eating, brushing and flossing. That means you have no dietary restrictions, nor do you require special tools to keep your teeth clean throughout treatment.

Because the aligners are removable, they also can be taken out for key moments, such as speaking engagements and photographs. Just remember: The aligners must be worn 20-22 hours per day to achieve the desired result.

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for you in the long run because properly aligned teeth mean better oral health. Teeth that are properly aligned and spaced don’t create as many areas for food particles to accumulate. Bits of food stuck in the crevices between teeth promote bacteria growth that leads to plaque and tartar buildup.

Learn More

Invisalign® can help you achieve major or minor adjustments. We invite you to schedule an appointment if you would like to learn more about Invisalign® and determine whether you are a candidate for this leading-edge treatment.